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Camera Car features/benefits:

  • Enclosed “video village” will seat eight in climate controlled comfort year ‘round and safety is dramatically improved as compared to an open vehicle.

  • If desired, wardrobe/makeup changes can take place privately onboard without the need to return to base camp. = Less downtime.

  • Five (5) Tote Vision LCD flat panel color monitors: 17, 15 & 10.5 inch are wall mounted and two (2) 5.5 inch portables.

  • Onboard 110V AC power inverter: 3300 watts continuous / 6000 watts peak with multiple interior electrical outlets.

  • 2’ x 6’ front deck with 1.25" speed rail.

  • Large 4’ x 8’ rear shooting platform with 1.5" speed rail.

  • Huge 8’ x 12’ “sky deck” (also with 1.5" speed rail) that is more than 8 feet off the ground!

  • 460 cubic inch (gasoline) big block V8 for all the towing power you could ever ask for. Multiple tow points as well.

  • Custom, whisper quiet exhaust system.

  • Smooth riding air adjustable suspension.

  • Craft Service galley that is equipped with it’s own microwave and cooler.

  • Ample storage compartments for stowing your gear and supplies.

  • Perimeter work lights for exterior illumination - Great for rigging/tear down.

  • More emergency lighting than would seem reasonable - Sirens too!


‘Shotmaker’ Process Trailer features/benefits:

  • Capable of traveling really low to the ground. The silver Cadillac pictured is riding only 6" above the pavement!

  • Smooooth, air ride suspension with on board compressor.

  • Easy ingress/egress for talent, trailer wheels are completely out of the way.

  • With 7' 2" clearance between the fenders this trailer will accommodate the largest of vehicles.

  • Big 22’ x 7.5’ main working deck. Additional wing decks available.

  • Total unobstructed access to the picture car for painless rigging.

  • Full length E-track adjustable anchor point system.

We also maintain a complete assortment of tow bars and tow dollies.

Please communicate your requirements to us and we will fulfill them.

We have a 6500 generator for rent for $180 per day.

We also have Hostess tray's for door camera mount's and car hood mounts they rent for $125.00 per day.



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Process Trailer
We can mount rigs like this
and larger on the trailer,
back deck of the camera car
or the roof.

Towing 13 people on board,
3 people safety harnessed on the roof making snow and shooting it down on the process trailer.
2 in the front 2 seats and 8 in video village.