360. Another Minnesota Tourist Commercial
   359. Commercial for Code creative Services
   358. State of Minnesota tourism bureau commercials, Colle McVoy prod
   357. Political champagne commercial, Abe Froman prod.
   356. Target Stores TV commercial, Target stores prod.
   355. Movie " End of The Tour", Precision driving, EOT prod.
   354.Tv commercial, Three Volts prod.
   353. Wondrous Music Video
   352. Nugenix Commercial, Marketing production
   351. Movie, " The Blood Stripe", Camera car / process trailer
   350. Target Stores Commercial, Richert Design
   349. Plato's Closet commercial, Flyover LLC
   348. Minneapolis convention Center, Back to the Future Delorean, Event Lab
   347. Red Hold Tomatoes Commercial, Buck Holzmeir production
   346. Timberland Clothing commercials., 747 SP INC.
   345.      "
   344. Timberland Clothing commercials., 747 SP INC.
   343. Doom Tree music Video, 1 Light films
   342. 6 Episodes of " In An Instant " An ABC tv series., Picture vehicle coordinator 2014
   341.     "
   340.     "
   339.     "
   338.     "
   337. 6 Episodes of " In An Instant " An ABC tv series., Picture vehicle coordinator 2014
   336. Minnesota State Tourism Commercial
   335. 12 online training films for Car Quest, Jake Mills production
   334. Artificial Cat commercial, Periscope pictures production
   333. Minneapolis convention center, Event lab
  332. K Mart Back To School Commercial, Light Switch Production
  331. Casey's Quik Stop Stores, Red Noise 6 Prod.
  330. Unearthing America, Committee Films
  329. Paul Bunyon MN Sure Commercial, Drive Thru Prod.
  328. Letter To White People, DWP Productions
  327. Jingle Dress, Lodge Pole Films
  326. Twizzler Print Ad, Jo Wagner Production
  325. Cenex Commercial, Buck Holzemeir Production
  324. History Channel " Things That Fall From the Sky ", Committee Films
  323. Target Stores Print Ad., Earl Kendal Production
  322. Lost in The Trees Music Video " Past Life ", Dan Huiting Production

  321. Juneteenth Celebration, Lee Henry Jordan Production

 320. Travelers Insurance Print Ad, Curtis Johnson Photgraphy 
 319. Fingerhut Commercial, Drive Thru Production 

 318. 3M Commercial, Transome Pictures

 317. Target Stores, C. Brophy Prod.

 316. Go out and fish commercial, Evergreen pictures

 315. Target commercial, Terri Gold
 314. Kumiko The Treasure Hunter, Kumiko LLC
 313. Target Print Ad, Chelsea Alawson
 312. Minnesota Lottery, Buzzsaw Films
 311. Polaris/ Indian Motorcycle commercial, Colle McVoy Production 
 310. Health Care Commercial, Drive Thru Production  
 309. Mini Series, America UnEarthed, Committee Films  
 308.Target stores Print Ad, Jeff Johnson Photography
 307. Farmer's Credit Union Print ad, Transon Production 
 306. Grande Casino TV Commercial, Drive Thru Production
 305. Best Buy Print Ad, Stacia Rom Production
 304. Security Health Plan, Drive Thru Production. 
 303. Hendricks Health Care, N.E. Pictures 
 302. Rami Ramatti Music Video, Restraining Hollywood Production 
 301. Cummins Generators Magazine ad, Periscope Productions 
 300. Music Video with The Farwell Circuit, Brian Suerth and Ryan Taylor Production
 299. Minnesota Nice, WholeCrew Productions
 298. Every Day Hero, Mojo Solo Inc. Production
 297. Movie " Full Faced Beauty ", Cheri Anderson Prod.
 296. Syngenta Corp. Magazine ad, Jo Wagner Production
 295. Photo shoot, Curtis Johnson Photography
 294. Motorcycle photo shoot for Chicago Magazine, Jeff Sciortino Photography
 293. Graco Booster Seat commercial, Target stores
 292. Music Video " Ghost ", Frenchy Production
 291. Target Stores Photo shoot, Cathy Brophy Prod.
 290. St. Judes Medical Commercial, Three Volts Production
 289. Minnesota Lottery commercial, Lucky Productions
 288. Verizion Theme Party, Event Lab Prod.
 287. Movie Icehouse, Underhill production
 286. Car parts for photo shoot, Jonathan Chapman Photography
 285. New Medicine music video, Moving Walkway Production
 284. Kids Like Us music video, Mark James Production
 283. Pherrow's Clothing Commercial, Jason Ho Production
 282. St. Thomas commercial, Cape Status Prod.
 281. John Cusak film, 4 Track Films Production
 280. Best Buy Ad, Yellow Tag Production
 279. T.V. Series  "Nothing Personal", Cineflix (NP2) Inc. Production
 278. Memorex photo shoot, Bobbie Peacock Production
 277. United Health care Industrial, Perimeter Productions
 276. Photo shoot, Crofoot Photography
 275. H&R Block commercial, Fallon Production
 274. Film "She Will Always Love Him", Outpost 31 Productions.
 273. Minnesota AICP Show, AICP production
 272. Jay James Picton Music Video, Dave Wilson production
 271. Target Stores Baby catalog photo shoot, Cathy Brophy Production
 270. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Print Ad, Sally Mars Production
 269. Grand Casino Mille Lacs, "commercial" BMW give away
 268. Grand Casino Hinkley, Drive Thru Prod.
 267. Grand Casino Mille Lacs "Fish story", Drive Thru Prod.
 266. Syrgenta Photo Shoot, David Bowman/ Sally Mars Prod.
 265. Batman Video Game, Best Buy Production
 264. Cenex Commercial, Sticks and Stones Production
 263. Syrgenta Corporation commercial, Volt Studios
 262. Scheels Sporting goods store, Drive Thru Prod.
 261. SECURITY HEALTH PLAN, Drive Thru Production
 260. " Film " How To Jail " ,Killing Joke Films and Brute Force Films Prod.
 259. Untitled "Ramin Bahrani Farm Film", Farm Film production
 258. Victory Motorcycle, Media Loft Prod.
 257. The Boss " T.V. series ", Starz Entertainment
 256. Northern Spark Festival, U of M BFAG group Prod
 255. Polaris photo shoot, Gordaneer Prod.
 254. U.S.A. Hockey, Periscope Production
 253. Ghoul, Moderncin'e Production 
 252. Best Buy, Best buy yellow tag
 251. Red Robin Restaurant commercial, Runner, Runner Prod.
 250. Movie " Lumpy ", Cap-Lumpy, LLC
 249. Foo Fighters Music Video, " Back and Forth ", Omni-Fusion Media
 248. Not A Word Was Spoken, New Century Pictures
 247. "Hole in the Wall", Kickstand Productions
 246. Target Stores, Jeff Johnson Photography 
 245. Hendrick's Healthcare, N.E. Pictures
 244. Target stores commercial, Runner, Runner Production  
 243. Feature film "  Bahamian Son ", Soul tools production
 242. Target Stores, CJ production
 241. Multiple Auto Trader cover's, Rasmussen Production
 240. Film to open the Palm Springs Film Fest, Make Production
 239. Adidas / Derrik Rose commercial, Bob's your Uncle production company
 238. Activision Video Commercial, Drive Thru Prod.
 237. Life Time Fitness Commercial, Runner, Runner Production
 236. Feature film, Last Breath, Inch By Inch Productions
 235. Sleep Deprivation Chamber, Penumbra Theater
 234. "Am I Alone", LMC Motion Pictures LLC
 233. Multiple ads for Syngenta Corporation, Curtis Johnson Photography
 232. Home Made Pizza Company Promotional, Home Made Pizza Production
 231. U of M Amplatz Children's Hospital commercial, Barry Kimm Productions
 230. Rochester Mayo Clinic Documentary, GS Productions
 229. Film " Souvenirs", Media 185 Production
 228. Airborne Energy Drink, Evergreen Production
 227. 3M commercial, Twist Production company
 226. Polaris Corporation Ads, Media Loft Production
 225. 2 Minnesota Lottery commercials featuring John Randle, Twist Production Company
 224. Nick McElroy Music video, Triwar Pictures
 223. Jerry Schwingell and the Happiness Well, Happiness Well Production
 222. Red Robin Restaurants, Runner-Runner Production
 221. Winfield Solutions, In House Media Prod.
 220. Wrangler Jeans T.V. commercial, Toth Brand Imaging
 219. Statue of David, Statue of David LLC Production
 218. Famous Dave's commercial, Ranch Brand Productions
 217. Bushs Beans, Drive Thru Production
 216. Deluxe Inc., Curtis Johnson Photography
 215. Target Stores, Kim Cornelison Photography
 214. Norton Software. Leo Burnett Agency
 213. The Convincer, Ten Dollar Trophy Production
 212. Uponor Corporation, Curtis Johnson Photography
 211. Subaru Commercial Precision Driving dogs, Drive Thru Production
 210. Maxwell House Coffee, Biscuit Production 
 209. Minnesota State Lottery commercial, Radical Media Inc
 208. Music Video  " Dessa " , Cobery Production
 207. P.S.A. " Eat healthy ", Emergence films
 206. Podi Sneakers commercial, Obo Films  
 205. Subaru commercial, Drive Thru Production
 204. Monster Quest, Humanoids, Whitewolf Entertainment
 203. Auto Trader magazine, multiple cars for ads, Rasmussen Productions
 202. Movie, " Stuck between Stations", RKB Pictures, LLC
 201. Monster Quest, " Mothman ", Whitewolf Entertainment
 200. Miracle Ear Hearing Aid, Twist Production
 199. Best Buy commercial, Mike Tabor Production
 198. Film " Faux", Falling Up Sky Pictures
 197. Monster Quest, Hillbilly Beast, Whitewolf Entertainment
 196. Farm Bureau Insurance, Shot Here Inc.
 195. Best Buy photo shoot, Liz Roemer Inc
 194. Feature " Life of Riley ",  4 track Production
 193. Film, "Strip Club Slasher", NFTS Productions
 192. Prodigal, Lost Coin  Production
 191. Monster Quest, White Wolf Entertainment
 190. Chicago White Sox, Bud Billiken Parade, Flowers Communication
 189. 3 Am Track Commercials, Shawn Michienzi Production
 188. Monster Quest, White Wolf Entertainment
 187. Good Morning Beautiful, Cobery Production
 186. Capitol One Commercial, Mascot Challenge, Runner, Runner Production
 185. Mercies May music video, TBD production
 184. Polaris Commercial, Media Loft Production
 183. Multiple Model/Car photo shoots, Sally Mars Production
 182. Victory Motorcycle Commercial, Media Loft Production.
 181. Wrangler Jeans Ad, Toth Brand Imaging Prod.
 180. Best Buy Commercial, Best Buy Production.
 179. Drinking With Ian, DWI Production
 178. Target photo shoot, Rau-Barber Prod.
 177. " Film, " Egg Timer " ETP Production "
 176. Rustoleum Company Ad, Periscope Prod.
 175. Target Stores Print Ad, Goulet Production
 174. Luther Middlefort Hospital Commercial, Mechanicks Prod.
 173. Couples Retreat, Universal Pictures
 172. Hearing aid Commercial, Twist Production Company
 171. Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, Page Production
 170. P.O.S. Music Video, Rent the Sky Production
 169. Anna's Playground, Story Forge Prod. Co.
 168. First National Bank Broker Event,  Walden Entertainment
 167. Northwest Airlines Commercial, Curtis Johnson Production
 166. Target Stores Ad, Chad Holder Production
 165. Air Ambulance Rescue Convention, Event Lab Production
 164. H and R Block Tax Service, Curtis Johnson Photography
 163. The Cross Lake Incident, Last tribe productions
 162. N.B.A. Detroit Pistons T.V. Commercial, Drive Thru Production
 161. A Serious Man, ASM/ Big Minyan Films
 160. Strellson Clothing, Pulse Production
 159. Polaris Commercial. Media Loft Production
 158. Minnesota Twins commercial, Periscope Commercial
 157. Mountain Bike Magazine photo shoot, David Bowman Photo
 156. State Farm Ins. Commercial, MJZ Production
 155. Abandon Me, Reframing Media
 154. Political ad, Ken Bradley Production
 153. Ameriprise industrial, Elbert Production
 152. John Turnipseed Project, Awaken Production
 151. Park Nicolette commercial, Curtis Johnson Production
 150. Polaris ATVs, Media Loft Production
 149. Woman City, Benzhara Productions
 148. Into Temptation, Farnam Street Limited ll
 147. Movie  " Nobody ",  Lindemann Pictures
 146. Roundy's Grocery commercial, Good Films Inc
 145. Movie " Peacock " , Iowa Film Production Services
 144. Adventures of Zack Mann, Seventhson Prod. Co
 143. Atmosphere Music Video, M.T.V. Productions
 142. Miracle Truss Buildings, Miracle Truss Production
 141. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company commercial, RSA Production Company
 140. Buick Riviera 2,  Propeller Prod. Co.
 139. Jimmy John's commercial, Whosit's, ProduXion
 138. Jimmy John's commercial, Speed 101, ProduXion
 137. Jimmy John's commercial, Drive thru, ProduXion
 136. Movie "Four Boxes", Lake Street Productions
 135. Car Photo shoot, JEC Photography
 134. Buca Restaurants, Periscope Productions
 133. Model Photo Shoot, Stephan Hoglan Photography
 132. Mysterious Ways, Flying Circus Films
 131. Rochester Mayo Clinic Alumni Convention, Event Lab Production
 130. Movie "Ida' story", TV by Girls Production Co.
 129. Minnesota Twins Commercial, Periscope Prod. Co.
 128. Movie  "Dawning",   Wholecrue Prod. Co.
 127. Friday Night Smack Down, World Wrestling Entertainment
 126. Cargil Corporation Ad, Curtis Johnson Photography
 125. Movie. UNHOLY REUNION: DIRECTOR'S CUT, Moviefreak Productions LLC.
 124. Cenex Commercial   Troopers, Hungry Man Prod. Co.
 123. Cenex Commercial   Road Trip, Hungry Man Prod. Co.
 122. Cenex Commercial   Rock Star, Hungry Man Prod. Co.
 121. Progressive Insurance photo shoot, Sheehan  Photography
 120. Marshfield Clinic Commercial, Crossroads films
 119. Travelers Insurance, Shawn Michienzi Photo
 118. Farm Implements Co., Chad Holder Photo.
 117. Iowa State Transportation Dept. seatbelt commercial,  Screenscape Studios.
 116. Quest N.F.L. commercial,  Hungry man Production Co.
 115. Schlits malt Liquor commercial,  Prodextion
 114. Movie Dead of Night,  Dead of Winter Prod. Co.
 113. Movie Holiday Beach, Northern Sky Prod. Co.
 112. Casino Commercial, Pearl Photography
 111. Drinking with Ian, Grain Assault Production Co.
 110. Metro Transit Commercial, DNA Prod. Co
 109. Movie " Buick Riviera ", Propeler US Corp Production
 108. Acuvue Contact lens photo shoot,  Curtis Johnson photo
 107. Target Stores Photo Shoot, Sheehan Photography
 106. T. V. show, That's gotta hurt, Rum Jungle Production Company
 105. Target photo shoot, Rau-Barber Photography
 104. Cheetah and the Reaper, The Kiennan Group
 103. Target Stores, Goulet Production
 102. Comedy Central Special, Larry the Cable Guy, Shaler Entertainment Pictures
 101. Older than America, Christine Walker Prod.
 100. Film "Universal", Endless Sky Prod.
  99. Film " Pussycat's", Jill Broadfoot Prod.
  98. Redwing Shoes Photo Shoot, Jeff Johnson Photography
  97. Shakespeare fishing rod's, Twist Prod. Co.
  96. The Dejope Casino, Drive thru Production Co.
  95. Political commercial, Voodoo film's
  94. Ethanol photo shoot, Dublin Prod. Co.
  93. Cenex T.V. Commercial, Artists Company
  92. Hunter Blinds photo shoot, Nina Sheffy
  91. Lexar photo shoot, Sarah Palm Prod.
  90. Photo Shoot, John Forsman Photography
  89. Syngenta, Photo shoot, Sarah Palm Prod. Co.
  88. Minnesota Twins Commercial, Drive Thru Prod. Co.
  87. Lutheran Brotherhood photo shoot, David Bowman Production
  86. Comcast commercial, Bolin Marketing
  85. Music video, The Owl's, The way on, Todd Cobery Prod.
  84. Tapes n Tapes Music video, London Squared Prod. Co 
  83. Movie Stimulus, Schumacher prod.
  82. Unhinged, Wholecrue Prod. Co.
  81. Quest photo shoot, Terri Gold
  80. Master Lock Commercial, Twist Production Company
  79. Best Buy Ad, Best Buy Production Co.
  78. General Nutrition Center, Hart Productions
  77. American Public Transportation Association, Periscope Prod. Co.
  76. Travelers Ins., Sarah Palm Prod. Services
  75. P.S.A. 1/2 Students left behind,  Fisher Edit Prod. Co.
  74. Arctic Cat Corp. Photo shoot,  Periscope productions
  73. Target Corp. photo shoot,  Rau-Barber Photography
  72. Cox Financial Group photo shoot,  Periscope Production Co.
  71. HR Block Commercial, Twist Production Company
  70. Axial Herbicide Photo Shoot, Sarah Palm Production Services
  69. North Country, Warner Brothers
  68. Target Stores Photo Shoot, Sheehan Photography
  67. The Peoples Movie, B Sting Production Co.
  66. Short film to be titled later, Montage Productions
  65. Prairie Home Companion, Noir Productions Inc. 
  64. ABC Special "Cover up, South Florida Invasion", Met/Hodder Production Company.
  63. ACME Comedy Club Commercial, Clowns gone bad
  62. Farmer's Insurance, Drive Thru Production Company Commercial - Part 2
  61. Farmer's Insurance, Drive Thru Production Company
  60. 3M Corporation Commercial, 3 Ring Scenic Production Company
  59. High Speed Internet Photo shoot, Curtis Johnson Photography
  58. Great Clips Nascar, Dodge truck Commercial, Harder Fuller Production Co
  57. Buca Spaghetti Photo shoot  Kendall Photography
  56. Toro Corp. Commercial Twist Production Co.
  55. Grand Casino Commercial: Twist Prod Co.
  54. Best Buy Commercial: Triple Shot Prod. Co.
  53. Prince Rock Video, Cinnamon Girl: Harder Fuller Prod. Co.
  52. Onan Generators: David Bowman Prod. Co.
  51. Golden Plump Turkey Commercial: Dave Restuccia Prod. Co.
  50. Commercial for State of Mind: Prod. Co.
  49. Newtons Disease: Hypothical Prod. Co.
  48. American Express Commercial: Steve Albert
  47. Factotum Movie:  ASTRAFILMS
  46. Best Buy T.V. Commercial
  45. Cub Foods: Olson and Co.
  44. Treasure Island Commercial: Incabus Prod Co
  43. Best Buy Magazine Photo Shoot
  42. Ag. Ad: Ripsaw Prod. Co.
  41. Midwest Cable: Drive Thru Production
  40. Kendal Photo: Prod Co.
  39. Walser Auto Dealership Commercial: Fusion Films Co.
  38. Valvoline Rapid Oil Commercial: Road Production Co.
  37. Time Portal Movie Trailer:
  36. Third Eye Blind (Rock Video); A Band Apart: Harder Fuller Productions Co.
  35. Target Market Anti-Smoking Commercial: F-30 Production Co.
  34. Target Convention
  33. Syntac Corporation Commercial:
  32. Sears Tool Time Commercial: Visitor Productions L.A.
  31. Rock Video: Buzzer 51 Productions
  30. Quaker Oats: (Fruit Snack Bites) (Fruit Oatmeal Bites) Ripshaw Productions Co.
  29. Paisley Park Stage Props: Prince's European Tour
  28. Paisley Park Stage Props
  27. Oakdale, Afton Parades
  26. Minnesota State Pubic Service Message; Seatbelts: 3 Ring Scenic Productions Co.
  25. Minnesota State Pubic Service Message; Anti -DWI : 3 Ring Scenic Productions Co.
  24. Minnesota State Lottery Commercial (Hot Lotto Cold Cash)
  23. Kevin Garnett Clothing Line Commercial
  22. Justice Movie: Jujitsu Films Co.
  21. Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts Commercial: Ripsaw Productions Co.
  20. Grand Casino Hinckley Commercial: Twist Production Co.
  19. Gateway Commercial: Buck Holtzmeier Production Co.
  18. Farmland Herbicide AD: Curtis Johnson
  17. Dekalb Soybean Commercial: Voodoo Films
  16. Dekalb Corn Seed Commercial: Voodoo Films
  15. Culvers Restaurant Seafood Commercial:
  14. Cub Foods Commercial:
  13. Cox Financial Group Ad: 3 Ring Scenic Productions Co.
  12. Buffalo Wild Wing Restaurant-Two Commercials: Wilson Griak Co.
  11. Blue Cross Blue Shield Ad & Commercial: Curtis Johnson
  10. Best Buy Commercial: Point Blank Productions Co.
    9. Best Buy Magazine Shoot
    8. Best Buy Kiosk Commercial
    7. Best Buy Christmas Commercial
    6. Best Buy Cell Phone Commercial
    5. Aurora Borealis Movie: Entitled Entertainment Co.
    4. Arctic Cat Commercial: Filmyard Productions Co.
    3. Americas Most Wanted: Edina Top Cops T.V. Show:
    2. American Express Industrial Commercial: Pied Piper Media
    1. Advil Commercial: Buck Holtzmeier Production Co.