With Joe Keery on the movie Marmalade 

Joe Keery in disguise on Marmalade.

Pawn Stars Do St.Paul   Pawn Stars Do St.Paul  
Camila Morrone on set of the movie Marmalade   Pawn Stars Do Minneapolis  
Rick from pawn stars with Tony Jimersonís 1947 Cadillac behind him   Pawn stars riding in Tonyís 1947 Cadillac. 
Target stores Easter commercial   Target stores commercial  
 Our " Insert Camera Truck / Process Trailer " 
and a large assortment of tow bars for filming vehicles in tow.
( Details )

The new ford gas powered F-450 is perfect

as the new camera truck pulling the process trailer. 

It can pull anything we need towed.

Our Camera Boat is ready for any filming project on the water !

Our " Camera Boat " for filming on water ( See More Pictures )

Our Camera Boat Our Camera Boat

Our " Hurricane Wind Machine " ( Pictures )
Our Hurricane Wind Machinet Our Hurricane Wind Machine
We have a Hurricane Wind Machine Ready to go !

We are experienced in controlled vehicle accident's, chase scene's and stunts! 
Our crew of professional stunt driver's and vehicle preparation shop are ready for any stunt, crash or chase scene you can dream up!

We have studio vehicle dolly's for under the tires to fit any vehicle you have for easy movement in the studio.

We have an automobile and motorcycle turntable also!

All Pictures Are Copyrighted & Watermarked

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Here is a sample of the inventory available at Props on Wheels!

 " Supplied the actual Ferrari from the movie
" Ferris Buelers day off "
 For the 30 year anniversary for the Daily Show on Comedy Central network! "


Brian's Fire Ride

" Rode the motorcycle on fire stunt for the music video
for the "New Pornographers, High Ticket Attraction" 



Brian's Super Bowl Drive

Did the precision driving for
Dodge trucks Super Bowl commercial. 


Back To The Future  Back To The Future 
Back To The Future  Back To The Future 
 " Here is our " Back to the Future " Delorean "
 " Making rain and snow from the roof of the camera car for a commercial "

 " Movie set in DeKalb, IL."
 " Props on Wheels camera boat working a commercial on the Mississippi River "
Our Golf Cart  Our Golf Cart 
 " Our Golf Cart "
 Promo picture for "The Boss"  " The Boss " promo was shot in the back of this limo
 that we cut in half for the shoot.

 " Long day with Justin Long on the process trailer "

 " Props on Wheels camera car and process trailer
 on the set of the film " Lumpy "

 " Podi Sneaker commercial in Chicago "

 " Commercial for a Insurance Company.
 Valet parking by Props On Wheels "
 " Two of our squads in action on a commercial "

 " Shooting a music video "

 " Buses from many era's "
Camera Car, Front deck, back deck and roof " Skydeck " to work off.

 " Camera car getting ready for the chase scene on the movie
  " The Convincer "

 Greg Kinnear on the set of " The Convincer "

 " A couple pictures from a Red Robin commercial
 with Runner, Runner Production Co."

 " In makeup ( Beard and hair)
 Doing the stunt driving for the Red Robin commercial "
 " We professionally perform vehicle accidents. Long resume of controlled accidents."
" Here is the camera car/ meat wagon with the new process trailer.  5 inches off the ground, air ride and height adjustment front and rear. Perfect condition! " " In a studio shoot on car dolly's
for turning the car around with ease."

 Supplied the truck for the Wrangler Jeans ad featuring
 Brett Favre shot in Mississippi.  "Yes we travel everywhere."

 " 1885 High wheel Bicycle, Anything on wheels and more! "

 " Two of the four matching 1966 Dodge Coronet's we restored  for the Coen Brother's movie " A Serious Man "

 " Precision driving for a N.B.A. commercial "

 " On set of " A Serious Man "

 " In high speed action!    For a N.B.A. commercial "

 " We take care of the maintenance for the Camaro that stars on the traveling show Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, Fine Car! "

 " Props on Wheels did the preparation work on
 all the vehicles for the movie "Anna's Play ground "

 "On set of a Twins commercial with the Piranha Punto"

 "On set with outfielder Denard Span"

 "Also in the commercial Carlos Gomez"

 "Working on the Twins commercial with Alexi Casilla"

  " Making rain on set of a 1977 period piece movie
  with one of our 70's Police cars." 

 "Playing Cops And Robbers"

 "Joe Nathan and Johan Santana,
 Twins commercial with our process trailer"

 " Stunt driving on a Minnesota Twins commercial
 for Francisco Lariano "

 Stunt driving with the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders

 "Viking Cheerleaders at work"

 "Matt Dillon with two up and coming actresses

 " John Randle from the Vikings on a lottery commercial " 

 Our machine shop cut a motor in 1/2 for a photo shoot

 Completed Photo Shoot Ad

 Virginia Madsen on Prairie Home Companion

 Music video for the band Tapes n Tapes,
 We supplied the car and did the special
 effects. You name it we can get it done!

 " Chasing Larry the Cable Guy for his comedy special "

 We supplied the scooter for a photo shoot.

 " On set with one of our 70's Police car's " 
Bill Proudy Jeep
 " Yes we have this in town for film projects ! " 

 " Finished product with Geno and Jesse "

 On the set of the movie "Abandon Me In Wisconsin"

 " Here is one of many crashes we have performed."

 Tyler Walker and Kasey Kayne

 "All the vehicle supply and driving for Freaky fast delivery and driving for 3 Jimmy John's commercials"

  " 1920's Romanian smuggler in Ida's Story " 

  "No job too BIG or too SMALL Commercial for Travelers Insurance" 

 "With The Cenex Guy"

 "Cab from Seinfeld, Spiderman.."
   More pictures on the Taxi page 

 "Photo shoot for JEC Photography"

 "Friday night Smack Down Feature Car"

  "Supplied the antique car for this photo shoot
 for Hoglund Photography" 

 " Goofing off on set with Lenny from the Seinfeld show.
  "Get back or the cop get's it"  

 " On set in South Dakota "

  " 40's Willys Jeep on display at the 
 Air Ambulance Rescue Convention "

 " Supplied the Caddi and car dolly's
 for the studio commercial for Famous Dave's "

 " On location for a Wrangler jeans commercial "

 Camera car/process trailer on a Subaru commercial.
" Camera car / Process trailer on set, Getting ready to make snow from the roof shooting it onto the car on the trailer as we travel down the road."
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State of Connecticut Senate race,
Props on Wheels did all the car stuff.

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